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I’ve used the Appeagle Repricer tool on Amazon for over 12 months now. In that time, the tool has added thousands of dollars onto my profit margins. My Appeagle Repricer review is honest, open and well worth five minutes of your time.

As my reviews go, they tend to be fairly lengthy, and of course balanced. I like to leave no stone unturned. This review is a little different though, because I don’t have anything bad to say about Appeagle’s repricing tool.


When I started out selling on Amazon, I soon realised I had to be in the “buy box” to make lots of sales (for the official explanation on what the buy box is, you can read Amazon’s resource here).

I got a little tired of having to login to my Seller Central account every couple of hours in order to check my prices were the lowest, and that I was in the buy box wherever possible. I assumed there would be an automatic repricing tool out there somewhere, and after a quick Google search I saw Appeagle’s repricing tool recommended on various forums.

Typically the seller offering the lowest price on any given Amazon listing wins the buy box. If you have the buy box, the odds of making a sale are stacked in your favour – the chance of people buying from you (over another seller) is far higher. That’s why the buy box is so coveted and sought after. Although being the cheapest won’t always secure the buy box for you, it does help massively. Other factors like feedback and seller metrics do play a part, as detailed in the Amazon resource above.

The Appeagle Repricer tool allows me to set a minimum price and a maximum price for every listing I have on Amazon. This means I can make maximum sales by competing on price with other sellers, at all times (without having to adjust prices manually). It also allows me to maximise my profit margins, by increasing prices when other sellers do so.

What I like about the Appeagle Repricer

After signing up, it only took me a couple of hours to configure the tool to reprice my entire inventory on Amazon – which at the time stood at about 700 products. The tool allows you to set a minimum price, a maximum price, and a manual price (this over-rides the automated repricing function). There are other values you can enter too, but these are the main numbers you’ll have to work with on your listings.

When you login to the tool, you’re presented with a general dashboard screen. On that dashboard you can see an array of useful metrics, including the percentage of buy boxes you occupy on Amazon, your total number of listings on Amazon, and your subscription information.

Right now I use the hourly repricing option, it costs $25 per month – this option works perfectly for my business. If you sell items on congested listings, a real-time repricing option is also available at $125 per month.

My strategy

Here’s my strategy when using the Appeagle Repricer:

  • I set my minimum price to a level where I’m making a profit margin of 10-20%
  • I set my maximum price level to a point where I’m making a profit margin of 100%, sometimes more

In practice that means my lowest price represents a solid 10-20% profit, at worst. However most of the time the price is automatically set far above that lower threshold, but still cheaper than my competitors. At such a level, it earns me a margin of roughly 50-70% per sale, which is great from my point of view.

I configure the tool to beat my closest competitor’s price by $0.10. Once the lower threshold is hit, my prices stop dropping – so sometimes my competitors do get the buy box.

According to the stats offered on the Appeagle dashboard page, I “own” around 54% of buy boxes at the time of writing. That’s quite impressive when you consider Amazon themselves list on most of the ASINs I stock – securing a buy box on a listing where Amazon stock the product is notoriously difficult.

There’s no guarantee you’ll win the buy box with this tool. If you can’t buy stock cheap enough to compete with other sellers on price, this tool isn’t magic. If you can compete on price but you can’t be in front of the computer 24/7 to manually reprice your inventory, this Appeagle Repricer is exactly what you need.

Potential drawbacks

I’ve had an extremely positive experience since using Appeagle’s repricing tool. There are a couple of potential drawbacks, however. The main one being when two sellers on the same listing use a repricing tool – it becomes a fast race to the bottom in terms of price (and if I’ve learnt one thing in business, it’s that someone else will always be happy to sell for a lower price than you).

Amazon operates a price parity policy in various territories. Although this policy was challenged and abolished in Europe, it is still in force in some countries. To this end, make sure you understand the implications of using the repricer – you could fall foul of the price parity policy fairly easily. The consequences of not adhering to this policy include account suspension – you have been warned!

Another potential drawback is that if there’s a glitch with the software, it has total control over your Amazon pricing. So, in theory, all prices on your listings could be changed to $0.01. That would then leave you staring at an astronomical monetary loss in fulfilling those orders for customers, or an administrative nightmare and a lot of apologies to make when you cancel orders (which would destroy your seller metrics). Let me just stress, this has never happened before (touching wood), but in theory it could.

Inventory control

In addition to the Amazon repricing function that this tool provides, it also allows you to synchronise inventory levels between a number of platforms, including Amazon, eBay and Rakuten.

I’ve never attempted to use this feature because I have a separate inventory management tool within my business. To that end, I cannot comment on the inventory control aspect of the tool.

Final thoughts

The Appeagle Amazon Repricing tool is a huge asset to my business. It allows me to maximise my margins, while remaining competitive against other Amazon Marketplace sellers, and of course Amazon themselves.

Appeagle’s Repricer tool works exactly as it should, I’ve never had any problems with it. It’s an excellent tool to have in your armoury as an Amazon seller. There’s not a whole lot more for me to say here, except that I highly recommend this application to all Amazon Marketplace sellers (except my competitors, naturally).

My rating: 10/10

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    1. OK – I’m wrong. Thank you for pointing this out. Use App Eagle (or any other automatic repricing tool, for that matter) with caution!

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